Are you looking for a vanilla brand that’s as fun and quirky as it is delicious? Look no further than Singing Dog Vanilla.


Here are some things you should know about us:

  • Yes, we know it’s a silly name.
  • Yes, people wondered why on earth we would name a vanilla company after a dog.
  • Yes, we like vanilla-related puns like “vanillaverse” and “vanillatude.”

But don’t let our light-hearted approach fool you—when it comes to vanilla, we take things seriously.


Our Vanillaverse


At Singing Dog Vanilla, we partner with over 500 vanilla-growing families from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Uganda through our Fair Trade Plus+® program. We pay the market price for their vanilla beans and share our profits. Our world-renowned vanilla products are loved by chefs, bakers, and foodies around the globe. We offer pure vanilla extract, indulgent vanilla bean paste, unique alcohol-free vanilla, and more! Join the vanillaverse today for delicious, ethically-sourced vanilla treats.


About the Australian Singing Dog Vanilla Team


Just like our friends in America, here in Australia we will continue to apply the same Vanillatude when it comes to Singing Dog Vanilla. We have been working with Marty, Bill and the team for many years now and look forward to many more.